About Us

Bubble Tree Quizzes was formed in 2006 to create professional quiz material for quizmasters to use in their quizzes.

With many years of experience in the pub quiz business, we believe that a quiz should be more than just a test of teams' general knowledge and should be entertaining as well as challenging. So, from Bubble Tree Quizzes, you can expect a lot less questions like "Who won the World Cup in 1958?" and more questions like...

- Which two James Bond films have titles where the initial letters in them spell out valid English words?

- What type of food might an Australian refer to as "bum nuts"?

- Which famous musician reportedly once said "I'd rather be dead than singing Satisfaction when I'm 45"?

- Which crime has 324 possible variations?

- Which breed of dog has a name which means "rather low dog" in French?

- "I Offer Oscar Hit" is an anagram of which film that went on to win four Academy Awards including Best Picture?

Our work doesn't just stop at what you see on our website either. We have compiled numerous one-off custom quizzes for special occasions and continue to compile custom quizzes on a regular basis for some quizmasters and for various publications. We have also compiled quiz questions in bulk for interactive DVDs and console games.

For any more information on what we do at Bubble Tree Quizzes or if you are interested in receiving a quote for us to compile custom quiz material for you, then please e-mail sales@bubbletreequizzes.com