Handout Rounds

Handout rounds are also known as marathon rounds or table rounds by some people. These are different from a standard question and answer rounds in that rather than have the quiz-master read out questions to be answered, a sheet is handed out to every team in the quiz with full details of the round including instructions on what to do and spaces for the teams to enter their answers. The idea of the round might be to identify famous people from photos on the sheet, or maybe to unscramble anagrams on a certain subject, but the common idea between handout rounds is that they are designed to take a reasonable length of time to complete.

To incorporate handout rounds into your quiz, you should print out a number of copies of the main handout sheet (or print it out once and photocopy it a number of times) so that there are enough copies for one to be handed out to every team taking part in your quiz. We recommend that they are handed out right at the beginning of your quiz and not collected (or passed to another team) to be marked until the end of the quiz to make sure that teams get plenty of time to work on them.

We have a huge variety of handout rounds, and most come in with two formats - a standard format, and a more minimal one with less graphics. There is also a separate sheet with the answers.

If you have any further questions then please e-mail support@bubbletreequizzes.com