Christmas Cracker Jokes 2

Christmas Cracker Jokes 2

This Christmas-themed handout round lists 15 jokes. The aim for teams in your quiz is to either give or complete the punchlines, with the number of letters in the words of the correct answers also given. For example, the correct answer to "How did Scrooge get the ball when he was playing football? (3,5,2,9,6)" is "The ghost of Christmas passed". 

If you buy this round, you will get two separate versions you can use, with one giving one or two extra words of some punchlines, and so being slightly easier than the other. For the example above, the more difficult version asks teams to give the full punchline, with just the number of letters in the words of the answer given as "(3,5,2,9,6)", while the easier version gives the start of the punchline as "The ghost... (2,9,6)".

It is recommended that this round is used in your quiz as a handout round. You can find more information on handout rounds and our recommended use for them in quizzes on our handout rounds page.

If you buy this handout round, we will give you access to five pdf files you can download - two for each difficulty level of the main handout sheet as illustrated above, and two for each difficulty in a more plain format. The final sheet will contain the answers. You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

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