Connections 67

Connections 67

This pub quiz pack features five entertaining connections rounds for you to include in your quizzes. These should prove especially useful if you're looking to introduce a bit of variety into your pub quiz, because, as well as featuring seven high quality general knowledge questions, each round also has a final question (worth three points), asking for a connection between the first seven answers. For example...

1. In the world of art, what colour is said to signify royalty?

2. Which football team did Manchester United beat in the final of the Champions League in 1999?
Bayern Munich

3. Who co-starred alongside his daughter Tatum in the 1973 film "Paper Moon"?
Ryan O'Neal

4. What was the name of the world's first aircraft carrier?
Ark Royal

5. If something is hamiform it is shaped like what kind of object?
A Hook

6. In which U. S. state does the famous race the Indy 500 take place?

7. Who played Brian's mother in "Monty Python's Life Of Brian"?
Terry Jones

8. For 3 points, what is the connection between the previous 7 answers?
Steven Spielberg films ("The Color Purple", "Munich", "Saving Private Ryan", "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", "Hook", The Indiana Jones films)

These rounds always prove challenging and entertaining as, along with trying to answer each question individually, the teams in your quiz will also be trying to find a connection along the way. They also have the added feature that once teams guess the connection, then they might go back over previous questions where they might be able to have a better guess at an answer, or even change an answer which doesn't fit in with the connection.

Note that we recommend that the final question in these rounds is worth 3 points because of the extra thought and effort that might be needed to arrive at the answer. This means that overall, there will be 10 points at stake for each round. We also recommend that you only use one or two connections rounds in each quiz you do, and that the rest of your quiz is made up of one or two handout rounds and a number of other question and answer rounds.

If you buy this quiz pack, we will give you access to download a pdf file. This contains all of the questions and answers for all of the rounds in this pack. You might also be interested in our free answer sheets for teams to write their answers on as you read the questions.

You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

Note that these rounds already appear in Weekly Quizzes 331 to 335. If you would prefer to purchase full pub quiz packs complete with a handout round, a variety of other question and answer rounds, plus specially designed answer sheets for teams to write their answers on, then please visit our Complete Quizzes section. If, however, you prefer to compile your own format of quiz, but are looking for connections rounds to use in this, then the pack on this page will hopefully be of use to you.

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