Halloween Quiz 14

Halloween Quiz 14

New for 2019, this complete pub quiz pack was specially compiled with a Halloween theme throughout, so is particularly suitable for quizzes run on or around October 31st. It features 8 high quality rounds as follows...

Round 1: Celebrities in Fancy Dress
A picture round featuring photos of 10 famous people wearing fancy dress. The aim for teams is to name these people.

Round 2: Ghosts
10 questions on Ghosts, such as "Which chemical element has the symbol P and is what Sherlock Holmes believed gave the dog in The Hound Of The Baskervilles its ghostly appearance?"

Round 3: Connections
9 questions on General Knowledge, plus question 10, asking a Halloween-related connection between the previous 9 answers.

Round 4: Witches and Wizards
10 questions on Witches and Wizards, such as "A wizard called Gargamel is the sworn enemy of which group of characters?"

Round 5: Initial Letter Link
10 Halloween-themed questions, where the answer to the last question can be spelt out by rearranging the first letters of the first 9 answers.

Round 6: Horror Films
10 questions on Horror Films, such as "In which horror film is the title character the ghost of an artist who was set upon by a lynch mob, who cut off his painting hand, replaced it with a hook, and smeared him with honey, causing him to be stung to death by bees?"

Round 7: Trick Or Treat
10 questions on General Knowledge that each have two answers to choose from. In each case, one answer might seem obvious, but will it be the correct answer? An example question is "The kiwi fruit originated in which country?... New Zealand or China?"

Round 8: Halloween Mix
10 Halloween-themed questions, such as "What alcoholic spirit is used in a Bloody Mary?"

This pub quiz pack is made up of 6 separate files as follows...

First of all there is a 2 page answer sheet that you can print out and hand out to each team at the start of the quiz for them to write their answers on as you read out questions. This also features a round by round scoresheet to make it easy to see how each team has performed after all the answers have been marked at the end of the quiz.

Secondly, there is the picture round. Again you can can print this out and hand it out to teams at the start of your quiz for them to work on straight away, and carry on working on throughout the quiz and during any breaks you have.

Next there is a 6 page document with all of the questions in rounds 2 to 8 for you to read out, along with all the answers to these and the answers to the handout round. This also features 2 tie-break questions to be used at the end of your quiz if two or more teams end up with the same score, along with a set of substitute questions to help you tailor the difficulty level of your quiz.

There is also another version of this 6 page document, but where all of the answers have been removed. This may not be needed, but is included in case the quizmaster would like to take part in the quiz too.

Next there is a 4 page document with instructions and advice on how to run a great quiz.

Finally, there is a quizmaster's scoresheet to help keep track of teams' scores.

If you buy this quiz, we will give you access to pdf files you can download. These will contain all of the material described above. You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure. 

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