Handout Rounds

Our handout rounds cover a huge variety of subjects and come in a number of formats. Simply print them out and hand them out to teams at the start of the quiz and they can puzzle over them until you collect them in later on.

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Missing Letters - 90s Number Ones

This missing letters round features the titles of 20 number one hit singles from the 1990s, but wher..


Cryptic Countries 2

The second in our series of Cryptic Countries rounds, this handout round features 15 more cryptic cr..


Guess Who 6

Another in our Guess Who series, this handout round features 10 high quality photos from a professio..


Phobias 2

The second in our series of phobias handout rounds, this round features 15 more phobias (claustropho..


Real Names - Actresses

This quiz round features a list of 10 famous actresses (Judy Garland, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, e..


Shop Anagrams

This handout round features 15 phrases for teams in your quiz to unscramble to produce the names of ..


What Comes Next

This quiz round features 10 sequences of numbers, letters and words, and the aim for teams in your q..


Celebrity Zombies

This entertaining picture round features 10 photos of famous people to be identified, but with the a..


Airports Named After People

This handout round features the names of 15 cities around the world that have airports that are name..


Fictional Companies On TV

This handout round features a list of 20 fictional companies from TV. The TV shows they have feature..


Advertising Slogans 3

Another in our series of Advertising Slogans rounds, this handout round features 15 more slogans fro..


Pop Music Story

Another in our highly entertaining series of "story" rounds, the aim here is to make a story readabl..


Famous Scots

Especially relevant for quizzes on or around St Andrews Day (30th November) or Burns Night (25th Jan..


Word Search - Movie Stars

This quiz round features a word search grid in which the top 15 movie stars from Channel 4's 2003 li..


Guess Who 5

Another in our Guess Who series, this handout round features the photos of 10 famous people to be id..


Sporting Numbers

This handout round features a list of 15 statements describing a measurement or distance in the worl..


Cryptic Countries

This handout round features 15 cryptic crossword style clues to be deciphered to give the names of 1..


Football Team Sponsors

This quiz round features a list of the 20 Premier League football teams from season 2007/08 along wi..


City Photos 2

The second in our series of City Photos rounds, this handout round features 10 more photos from arou..


I`m A Celebrity Anagram

This handout round features 15 phrases that can be unscrambled to produce the names of 15 celebritie..