Handout Rounds

Our handout rounds cover a huge variety of subjects and come in a number of formats. Simply print them out and hand them out to teams at the start of the quiz and they can puzzle over them until you collect them in later on.

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City Photos

This quiz round features 10 photos from around the world with the aim being to identify the cities i..


Lyrics - Movie Titles

This quiz round features 20 extracts of lyrics from famous songs, all of which share their title wit..


Mug Shots 2

Carrying on from our original Mug Shots quiz, this handout round features another 10 police mug shot..


In Disguise

This entertaining handout round features 10 photos of famous people to be identified, with the added..


Horror Movie Taglines

Especially suitable around Halloween, but entertaining all year round, this handout round features 1..



This handout round features 20 different names for collectors (e.g. "philatelist") along with a list..


Fictional Street Addresses

This quiz round features a list of 20 fictional street addresses along with a mixed up list of the 2..



An entertaining quiz round featuring 10 pictograms with letters and words arranged in an unusual way..


Funny Movie Taglines

This entertaining handout round features 10 taglines that were used to advertise 10 famous comedy fi..


Guess Who 3

This round features the photos of 10 famous people of past and present to be identified. The people..


Horror Movie Quotes

Especially relevant if you are doing a Halloween quiz, this handout round features 18 quotes from fa..


Food And Drink Story

Another in our entertaining series of "story" rounds, the aim here is to make a story readable by fi..


Flags Of The World

This quiz round features 10 flags from countries around the world and the aim is to identify the cou..


Worst Pop Records

An entertaining round featuring 20 of the 100 Worst Pop Records as voted for by the public and prese..


Celebrity Big Brother Anagrams

This quiz round features 20 phrases to be unscrambled to produce the names of 20 celebrities who hav..


Sports Personality Anagrams

This quiz round features 20 phrases to be unscrambled to produce the names of 20 sporting stars who ..


International Vehicle Registrations

This quiz round features 20 international vehicle registration codes where the aim is to identify th..


Number Mix Up

This quiz round features a list of 20 statements, each of which needs a number between 1 and 20 assi..


Famous First Lines

This quiz round features 12 first lines from famous novels, and the aim is to identify the title of ..


Lyrics - Cities

This quiz round features 18 extracts of lyrics from famous songs, all of which have the names of cit..