Handout Rounds

Our handout rounds cover a huge variety of subjects and come in a number of formats. Simply print them out and hand them out to teams at the start of the quiz and they can puzzle over them until you collect them in later on.

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Sweet Shop Story

A highly entertaining quiz round, where a story is given, but with a number of gaps. The aim is to c..


Movie Number Plates

This quiz round features 10 car number plates and an unordered list of the 10 films in which they ap..


Football Team Nicknames

This quiz round features a list of 20 teams from the English football league (Bolton Wanderers, Sout..


Advertising Slogans

This pub quiz handout round features 20 memorable slogans from past and present which have been used..


Cartoon Character Anagrams

This pub quiz handout round features 20 phrases to be unscrambled to produce the names of 20 cartoon..