Double or Quits 33

Double or Quits 33

This pack of pub quiz questions features 5 rounds of 10 general knowledge questions.

The questions have been compiled so they are especially suited to an added gambling rule. We recommend a "double or quits" rule, where teams score double points for correct answers, but teams can leave answers blank as any wrong answers means a score of zero for the round. You can apply your own set of rules, or if this gambling element doesn't suit your quiz at all, then these rounds can be used as standard general knowledge rounds.

A couple of example questions from the rounds in this pack are as follows...

- Which of the following didn't go to university?... a) Prince William; b) Prince Harry; or c) Prince Charles?
- In accordance with a legend that states that the kingdom will fall if they are ever absent, at least six birds of what type are kept at the Tower of London at all times?

While you could use all of this material on its own for your quiz, we recommend that you only use one or two of these rounds in each quiz you do and that the rest is made up of handout rounds and other types of question and answer rounds . You can find plenty of handout rounds and question and answer packs on this site.

If you buy this quiz pack, we will give you access to download a pdf file. This contains all of the questions and answers for all of the rounds in this pack. You might also be interested in our free answer sheets for teams to write their answers on as you read the questions.

You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

Note that these quiz rounds already appear in Weekly Quizzes 610 to 614. If you would prefer to buy pub quiz packs complete with a handout round, a variety of other question and answer rounds, plus specially designed answer sheets for teams to write their answers on, then please visit our Complete Quizzes section. If, however, you prefer to compile quizzes to your own format and are looking for extra rounds to use in this, then this quiz pack  will hopefully be of use to you.

Note: This product was added to our site in June 2018.
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