Specialist Subjects 104

New Specialist Subjects 104

This pub quiz pack is made up of five rounds of ten questions each on the following subjects...

Rugby Union
The Brit Awards

A couple of example questions from the first of these rounds are...

- Who was voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2003 after scoring the winning drop goal for England in the Rugby World Cup Final?
- Nicknamed the Eagles, which country won the first ever Women's Rugby World Cup in 1991?

The questions have been compiled so that most teams should be able to get quite a few correct without needing to be an expert on the subject of the round. However, some of these subjects are likely to appeal to some people more than others so, if you have the problem with the same team winning your quiz each week, then introducing one or two specialist subjects rounds may help to mix things up a bit.

We recommend that you only use one of these rounds in each quiz you do and that the rest is made up of question and answer rounds on general subjects, plus question and answer rounds with a twist (e.g. connections rounds) and handout rounds.

If you buy this quiz pack, we will give you access to download two PDF file - one containing all of the questions and answers for all rounds, and one with just the questions (in case the quiz-master wants to take part too). You might also be interested in our free answer sheets for teams to write their answers on as you read the questions.

You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

These quiz rounds already appear in Weekly Quizzes 910, 913, 915, 917 and 923. If you would prefer to buy pub quiz packs complete with a handout round, a variety of other question and answer rounds, plus specially designed answer sheets for teams to write their answers on, then please visit our Complete Quizzes section. If, however, you prefer to compile your own format of quiz and are looking for extra rounds to use in this, then this quiz pack will hopefully be of use to you.

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