Who Am I? 37

Who Am I? 37

Another in our "Who Am I?" series, this pub quiz pack features 5 rounds, each made up of 5 clues that gradually reveal the identity of a famous real life person or fictional character. The aim for teams in your quiz is to correctly identify these people as quickly as possible. 

An example of the first, and most difficult, clue in a round is "Born in 1970, I am a retired tennis player. My ability to make opponents run relentlessly around the court earned me the nickname of the punisher". An example of the final, and easiest, clue in the same round is "In 2001, I married fellow tennis player Steffi Graf".

There are a variety of ways that these rounds can be used in your quiz, but we recommend that clues are read out one at a time, and after each clue teams can choose to hand in a piece of paper with their guess as to who the mystery person is, or wait for more clues. If a team guesses this correctly after just 1 clue they are awarded 5 points, if they guess correctly after 2 clues they are awarded 4 points, and so on, until they are awarded just 1 point if they need all 5 clues before they can guess correctly. Teams are only allowed one guess, and if they guess incorrectly they score zero for the round.

We recommend that you only use one of these rounds in each quiz you do, and that the rest of your quiz is made up of handout rounds, plus other types of question and answer rounds.

You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

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