Virtual Pub Quiz Pack - Halloween

Virtual Pub Quiz Pack - Halloween

This Halloween-themed pub quiz pack has been compiled for use in virtual pub quiz that you can run on a video conferencing service such as Zoom, or even just on email or a messaging service such as WhatsApp.

The rounds are as follows...

Round 1: Horror Films
This handout round is split into four sections. The first features five picture clues alluding to the titles of five horror films. The years these films were released are also given, and the aim is to name the films. The second section features five sets of three DVD chapter titles from horror films, and the aim is to name these films. The third section features five anagrams of horror films to unscramble. The aim in the final section is to come up with the titles of five more horror films from five "say what you see" picture clues.

Round 2: Witches and Wizards
Ten questions on witches and wizards.

Round 3: Connections
Eight questions on General Knowledge, plus a final question worth two points that asks for a Halloween-related connection between the first eight answers.

Round 4: Dressing Up
Ten questions themed around dressing up.

Round 5: Trick or Treat
Ten questions on General Knowledge, where two possible answers are given for each. In each case, one answer might seem obvious, but will it be the correct one?

Round 6: Halloween Mix
Ten questions on the general theme of Halloween.

The pack is made up of four separate files as follows...

First of all there is the handout round. We recommend sending this to participants in advance of the quiz for them to work on in the build-up to the main quiz.

Next there is a four-page document with the answers to the handout round and all of the questions and answers to the other rounds. This also features two tie-break questions that you can use in the event of a tie. There is also another version of this document, but where all of the answers have been removed. This may not be needed, but is included in case the quiz-master would like to take part in the quiz too, or if you are planning to send the questions to participants (e.g. via email or WhatsApp) rather than read them out in a video-conferencing app.

Finally, there is a two-page document with advice on how to run a virtual pub quiz.

If you buy this quiz, we will give you access to pdf files you can download. These will contain all of the material described above. You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

As well as being a bit shorter (and cheaper), our virtual pub quiz packs have a difficultly level that has been set slightly lower than with our standard quizzes. This is to take into account the fact that people are likely to be taking part on their own or in smaller groups than they would do if they were part of a pub quiz team with a wider span of knowledge. If the difficulty level is too low, or the quiz pack is not suitable in any other way, please let us know and we will provide a refund.

Note: This product was added to our site in October 2020.
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