Anagram Clues - Nursery Rhymes

New Anagram Clues - Nursery Rhymes

This pub quiz handout round features 15 clues, each referring to a nursery rhyme, and each containing a part in bold that is an anagram of the title of the nursery rhyme. The aim for teams is to come up with these titles. For example, the correct answer to the clue "They were still very fast despite what someone had done to them. Incredible!" is Three Blind Mice, which is an anagram of "them incredible".

We recommend that you use this round as a handout round. You can find more information on handout rounds and our recommended use for them in quizzes on our handout rounds page.

If you buy this handout round, we will give you access to pdf files you can download. Two of these will be for the main handout sheet - one as illustrated above, and one in a more plain format. The third sheet will contain the answers. You probably already have everything you need to access and use these rounds in your quiz, but you might want to check our requirements page to make sure.

Please note that this handout round also appears in Weekly Quiz 930. If you would prefer to buy pub quiz packs complete with a handout round, a variety of other question and answer rounds, plus specially designed answer sheets for teams to write their answers on, then please visit our Complete Quizzes section. If, however, you prefer to use your own format for your quizzes, then this handout round should help towards creating an entertaining and challenging quiz.

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